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  1. 🎉 The CSS Nesting spec has been approved for publishing as a First Public Working Draft. You can see the current Editor's Draft here: drafts.csswg.org/css-nesting/ (This moves it from a theoretical proposal, to an official work-in-progress module in the CSS spec.)
  2. Large companies find HTML & CSS frustrating “at scale” because the web is a fundamentally anti-capitalist mashup art experiment, designed to give consumers all the power. Sorry I didn’t quote tweet anything in order to say that.
  3. CSS has been *carefully* & *systematically* designed to solve a set of problems so complex no other language even tries. There are no comparisons to make. Meanwhile, the basics *look* so declarative & clear that people don't even think of it as "programming".
  4. RESOLVED, Container Queries are officially in the CSS specification process 🥳 stubbornella/1360016078336757765
  5. npm install no-mouse-days and turn off all mouse access to your project for a day: get the whole team thinking about keyboard access. marcysutton at #smashingconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  6. Using HTML, but just the div element …is the same as… Using TypeScript, but just the any type …or… Building a complex database, but just use text fields Mandy_Kerr/1301468585525534720
  7. "Masonry" Grids are being tested in Firefox Nightly, behind a feature flag. 1. go to "about:config" 2. toggle "layout.css.grid-template-masonry-value.enabled" 3. try it out! github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/4650#issuecomment-620864503 codepen.io/mirisuzanne/pen/pojrrMz?editors=1100
  8. "CSS can't do X layout that''s easy in design apps" lol, no. Design apps don't even try to solve the baseline problems CSS normal flow has handled *by default* in a split second on an infinite & unknowable canvas for ~25yrs now.
  9. A demonstration of plain CSS "functions" and "mixins": codepen.io/mirisuzanne/pen/BEvjbm?editors=1100 As always, abstractions are only useful when they solve a real problem. I'm not suggesting anyone do this all the time - but it is a way to provide reusable patterns in CSS. /cc #generateconf
  10. You can use min() or max() *inside* minmax(), and the results are *great*. 😃 Just used: minmax(min-content, max(50vw, 60ch)) I love modern CSS so much. 1/2
  11. There are a lot of things I want from a "decentralized web" and, uh, putting the entire thing into a single shared database that's inefficient and hard to update, then buying ownership tokens… was not what I had in mind? Can we double down on Indie Web features instead?
  12. Rough idea for a programming language… obviously <variable-name> is <value> obviously <function-name> should <logic> everyone knows (<if condition>) { have you tried <function-call> } well actually (<optional else condition>) { have you tried <function-call> }
  13. The latest release of Sass solves a number of problems at once, all with a new “module” import feature: - only import files once - faster & more reliable - no more name confusion between libraries - explicit dependency relationships between partials Introducing the new syntax: css/1181213942187806721
  14. You can play with an early prototype of container queries in today's Chrome Canary updates! 🥳 1. Do the update 2. Go to chrome://flags 3. Search & enable "CSS Container Queries" 4. Restart the browser Explainer: css.oddbird.net/rwd/query/explainer/ Demos: codepen.io/collection/XQrgJo Thread: 🧵
  15. Reminder when you use initial in CSS, you *probably* want revert or unset: - initial: use the spec default (always eg display: inline; color: black) - revert: use the browser/user styles (different per element) - unset: use inheritance where available, fallback to initial
  16. Wait, what, 😅 Cascade Layers rolled out in Firefox stable release last Tuesday, and I missed it?! And setting aside the actual feature for a second,,, Y'all, my first spec is in a production browser (& I didn't notice). It's like OMG, & also shrug, & also WHAT. 🤯🥳😳🤯☺️🥳🤯
  17. Love opening dev tools to remove disabled attribute from a button, and then successfully submit the form. I do what I want, website. You're not my boss.
  18. 🥳 Final issues have been resolved on CSS Cascade Level 5, the specification that defines Cascade Layers. Once those final changes are in the spec, it will be published as a Candidate Recommendation, meaning we consider it basically "done". My first complete spec as an editor!
  19. … my first CSS workshop … - Him: How "advanced"? - Me: I'll make sure everyone can keep up, but we have a lot to cover. - Him: Good luck, I already know everything about CSS. … at lunch break … Him: ok, we're WAY beyond what I knew. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯