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  1. Wait, what, 😅 Cascade Layers rolled out in Firefox stable release last Tuesday, and I missed it?! And setting aside the actual feature for a second,,, Y'all, my first spec is in a production browser (& I didn't notice). It's like OMG, & also shrug, & also WHAT. 🤯🥳😳🤯☺️🥳🤯
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      to put it in the thread: TerribleMia/1493490760758353923
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      Like how do you celebrate something that feels like a big accomplishment built over 20+ years of work… but it's also just a normal thing lots of people do every day all the time as just a normal part of their day job?
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        You all are lovely, thank you. For reference, it looks like Chrome 99 will release on March 1. Edge a few days later, March 3. Safari… based on previous releases, I would expect 15.4 still this month? Or soon? So all four by early March?